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Quotable Quotes

Just because it's difficult, doesn't mean you should avoid it.
Just because it's challenging, complicated or uncomfortable,
doesn't mean it's undesirable.

The difficult tasks probably are not as difficult as you imagine them to be.
And even if they do happen to be extremely difficult, that's really not such
a bad thing.

The fact is, you don't actually know how difficult anything will be until
you get started. And on top of that, working through whatever difficulties
you encounter can be highly beneficial to you.

The best way to spend your time and energy is not in avoiding difficulty, 
but in creating meaningful value. If it's good and beneficial and important 
to you, the challenge involved in getting it done is a secondary concern.

It is by meeting the challenges, working through the difficulties and 
dealing with the complexities that you grow stronger and more capable. It is 
by stepping persistently forward no matter what the obstacles may be, that 
you make the achievements yours.

Life is indeed difficult, but don't make it even more so by resisting the 
difficulties. Accept those difficulties, deal successfully with them, and 
truly make your world a better place.

- Ralph Marston


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