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Movie Review: "The Purge"

The Purge stars Ethan Hawke (one of my favourite actors) and Lena Headey (who plays the bitch queen in Game of Thrones).

It's basically set in a dystopian/utopian near-future where every year there is a twelve hour "Purge" where all crime is legal.

Other than that small feature, the society seems to be doing quite fine, and the economy is booming.

Now, for reasons beyond my control I only saw the last 60% of this movie (at best), so my review is not complete.

That being said, this is a CABLE MOVIE, and is not worth the price of admission.

The exciting part of this film just... isn't.

The most interesting part is the moral dilemmas posed to the characters stuck in the Purge.

QBF Rating: 2.5/5


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