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Movie Review: "30 Days of Night: Dark Days"

30 Days of Night: Dark Days is the follow up to the surprisingly good vampire flick 30 Days of Night.

Did I say follow up? I meant retarded step-niece.

No offense to retards or step-nieces.

The first sign of a bad movie? Different actress for the starring role.

(In this case Kiele Sanchez replaces Melissa George.)

The other important roles are Rhys Coiro (as her partner/new love interest), and Mia Kirshner (as the vampire queen).

I will admit that this movie actually started out quite promising, but the more I watched it, the less I cared how it ended.

(Spoiler Alert: It ended quite predictably, and badly.)

This should have been a better movie, but it would have required a much bigger budget.

QBF Rating: 1.5/5


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