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Movie Review: "The Expendables 2"

Yes, they made The Expendables 2.

Yes they added even more stars from our youth to the cast.

Who cares if the plot is good at this point?

Your inner 8 year old should thank you for watching this!

Here are the cast members of note:
  1. Sylvester Stallone AKA: Rambo, Rocky
  2. Jason Statham AKA: Turkish
  3. Jet Li AKA: Fist of Legend, Gabriel Yulaw
  4. Dolph Lundgren AKA: Ivan Drago, He-Man
  5. Chuck Norris AKA: Lone Wolf McQuade, Col. James Braddock
  6. Jean-Claude Van Damme AKA: Frank Dux, Kurt Sloane
  7. Bruce Willis AKA: Joh McClaine, David Addison
  8. Arnold Schwarzenegger AKA: Conan, Terminator, John Matrix, Dutch
  9. Terry Crews AKA: Chris' Dad
  10. Randy Couture AKA: MMA Legend

Yes it was cheesy, but at least I was entertained! Watch it only for the nostalgic goodness!

QBF Rating: 3.0/5


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