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Movie Review: "Black Panther"

Based on the Marvel Comics character, Black Panther showcases a great look at the mythology of Wakanda and it's leader/hero.

It also shows a very realistic look at what would happen if Wakanda existed in "the real world" -- while still keeping it grounded in the comics world.

I am stunned that this aired on BET in 2011, and I NEVER HEARD ABOUT IT.

Well after watching this, I sure hope they make a live-action Black Panther movie, and not the rumoured (ugh) Ant Man movie.

This was awesome, and was more along the lines of DC's The Dark Knight Returns than the typical Marvel fare (yay for Marvel Knights!).

HIGHLY recommended!

QBF: 4.0/5

PS: I forgot to mention the incredible line-up of characters: Batroc, Black KnightCaptain America, Deathlok, Juggernaut, KlawRadioactive Man, Storm and the X-Men!


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