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Movie Review: "The Amazing Spider-Man"

I was very conflicted as to whether I should provide legal patronage to The Amazing Spider-Man...

This was the same studio which had subjected me to Spider-Man after all, with a climatic battle scene that literally put me to sleep.

They followed this up with Spider-Man 2, which should have ended the first time Dr Octopus got hit in the face by a man who can throw cars around.

The pièce de résistance however was Spider-Man 3 -- which seemed to be 3 or 4 movies in one -- one of which was (no lie) a musical.

So to say I was skeptical when I heard that Sony was only making this movie now, because they would otherwise lose the film rights to Spider-Man forever, would be putting it lightly. Despite all the odds, I am still a big fan of Spidey (having spent a small fortune as a schoolboy purchasing the comics), and I decided three days before the premiere to take another chance on being punished.

I'm so glad I did!

I don't know if it was my low expectations, the IMAX 3D presentation, or some aerosolized narcotics in the theater, but this movie makes all those previous works officially dead -- never to be compared to anything in the future again. Much like the campy Batman TV series of the 1960s.

Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker/Spider-Man was spot on to the comics. Emma Stone's Gwen Stacy and Rhys Ifan's Professor Connors/The Lizard were similarly good. The action was good. The special effects were good. The origin was actually tweaked for the better as well.


QBF Rating: 4.5/5


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