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MEGA Movie Review: "Toy Story 3", "Repo Men", "John Carter" & "Game Change"

Due to my excessive procrastination, I have accumulated a bunch of movie reviews to post. So I've made the executive decision to drop 4 of them at a time, with just bare bones final verdicts.

So without further ado... - QBF

Movie: Toy Story 3


Verdict: Quite simply, this was the best Toy Story yet! Amazingly well made movie. 4.5/5

Movie: Repo Men


Verdict: This movie could have been a lot better. Watch if you're bored. 2.5/5

Movie: John Carter


Verdict: Most underrated movie of 2012! Also most poorly marketed movie of all time! I did not want to watch this movie, and I enjoyed tremendously. 3.5/5

Movie: Game Change


Verdict: Another great HBO original film. 4.5/5


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