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MEGA Movie Review: "American Reunion", "The Cabin in the Woods", "The Tunnel" & "The Avengers"

Mega, massive, humongous movie review number 3! - QBF

Movie: American Reunion


Verdict: This was a fitting end to the series, and MUCH better than American Wedding. Also, Stifler get's his revenge! 3.5/5

Movie: The Cabin in the Woods


Verdict: This was an awesome movie! Totally remixed the whole horror genre. 4/5

Movie: The Tunnel


Verdict: I got this from Vodo which distributes it via torrents for free, and trust me, this was a well made horror movie. 3.5/5

Movie: The Avengers


Verdict: Maybe you heard of it, the #1 movie of 2012? Best. Superhero. Movie. Ever. 5/5


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