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Movie Review: "Good Deeds"

"Good Deeds" is the latest Tyler Perry entry in his ever expanding entertainment empire, that encompasses plays, TV shows and feature films.

It co-stars one of my favourite actresses: Thandie Newton, in a movie that blessedly doesn't include cross-dressing on Tyler's part, or overt preaching for that matter.

It also shows American black people who run a successful business! Imagine that!

Now this is by far my favourite Tyler Perry movie to date, which granted is a low bar to reach, but still... I was well entertained by this film. Also, did I mention the lovely, luscious Gabrielle Union was in it?

But I digress, the movie was definitely WATCHABLE.

QBF Rating: 3.0/5


  1. Just not a fan of senor Perry... i don't know if i can convince my self to watch it

  2. If you come across it one night, you probably don't have to change the channel.

  3. Yup you are right Fox! Like the whole Madea shit is over played.. and too much.. but of course he had to bring it back he has some new shit called Witness Protection with him in drag as Madea going into witness protection! He will never let that go.. But yes you right about that movie and yes attractive black women and positive showing of black people


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