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Movie Review: "Immortals"

Let us return to a time when men were men, women dressed even more skimpily, and gods minded their own damn business. It is a time of "Immortals" -- starring Henry Cavill (the future Superman, no, seriously) as our protagonist: Theseus, and Mickey Rourke as our antagonist: Hyperion (how cool a name is that!?).

Both Theseus and Hyperion are characters from Greek mythology, and while both had their stories altered, Hyperion's story was drastically altered.


Now, I watched this movie after the Giants BEATDOWN on the worthless, shiftless Patsies AGAIN in the Super Bowl, and so was in a very joyful state of mind before viewing this -- as such I will try harder than usual to be unbiased in my review.

The story is pretty basic, with characterization nonexistent. Some things don't make a lot of sense... However, it is a very pretty movie with some really good action sequences.

I'd say it's OKAY for what it is.

QBF: 2.5/5

PS: I'm going to be posting my movie reviews (hopefully) every Wednesday from now on! It might help plan your weekend flex... or not...


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