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You Oughta Know: Windows Optimisation

Okay so I skipped another week, so let's just get right into the Maintenance Programs I promised you guys.

This stuff is good for defragging your hard drive (optimizing the placement of files so it runs faster), deleting junk files to free up space (so you can fit more of you stuff on it), registry fixing (so it will run better), help you backup your files (so you don't lose them), and also help recover the ones you lost.

Maintenance Programs:
  1. CCleaner - deletes junk files (more room for stuff) and fixes registry errors (computer runs better).
  2. Cobian Backup - duh.
  3. FreeFileSync - also for backing up purposes, it synchronizes files between two locations. Perfect for USB drives.
  4. inSSIDer - monitor the Wi-Fi signals in your immediate area.
  5. JDiskReport - see what's taking up all the space on your hard drive.
  6. Pandora Recovery - duh.
  7. PC Inspector Smart Recovery - duh again (works great for SD cards).
  8. Remove Empty Directories - self explanatory.
  9. Revo Uninstaller - works better than Windows at removing progams you no longer want, but the free version doesn't work on 64-bit programs. :-(
  10. Smart Defrag - awesome at rearranging your files for optimal performance.
Okay folks, next week is the last installment in this series (for now): Miscellaneous Programs! - QBF

PS: Checkout cnet's for more great programs (all verified free of viruses/malware).


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