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You Oughta Know: Windows Optimisation

Today's episode on CD & DVD Programs is very short, and really should have been dealt with in the Multimedia Programs episode.

These programs will help you to rip music and video from CDs and DVDs, and to create your own.

CD& DVD Programs:
  1. Ashampoo Burning Studio Free - this allows you to create your own CDs & DVDs without using the default Windows options.
  2. DVD Decrypter - this allows you to rip the video from a protected DVD.
  3. DVD Shrink - compress video to fit on a regular DVD.
  4. FreeRIP - rip your audio from CDs to MP3, etc.
 There you have it, next week I'll feature Maintenance Programs for your Windows machines.

PS: Checkout cnet's for more great programs (all verified free of viruses/malware).


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