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You Oughta Know: Windows Optimisation

Today's the start of a series of possibly geeky, but really useful episodes. I'm going to be showing you some FREE programs which you probably never heard of, to make your Microsoft Windows experience that much better.

GUI* Tweaks:
  1. Fences - Easily arrange the icons on your desktop into groups.
  2. Greenshot - Takes all the pain out of using the Print Screen option.
  3. Launchy - The fastest way to launch, well... anything: programs, documents, images, music, etc.
  4. Process Explorer - MUCH more useful than the basic Windows Task Manager that you get when pressing CTRL-ALT-DEL (you did know that right?).
  5. TeraCopy -  You'll be amazed at how much better this is than copying or moving something normally in Windows.
 *(GUI: Graphical User Interface)

Next week's topic will be Internet Programs. - QBF

PS: Honorable mention must go out to Automatic Wallpaper Changer, which I found to be the best option for (duh) changing my wallpapers automatically. So much so that I purchased it. Check out the free trial.

PPS: Checkout cnet's for more great programs (all verified free of viruses/malware).


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