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Freaky Friday

So according to the email I received, this Mother-Daughter combo got banned (for life!) for dressing like this (showing off most of their breasts) at Disney World.

About the only part I believe in this story of course are the words "mother-daughter", and "breasts". This is just the kinda news that would've made TMZ. (Also notice the Mardi Gras beads, cup of beer, and it starts to sound more like New Orleans is the location.)

In any case, this is the most I've been interested in Mickey & Minnie Mouse in decades! - QBF

PS: Decided to check around, and's Urban Legends says that yes... it's a hoax!


  1. Anonymous10:11 am

    There's also a sign that says Bourbon Street in the background.

  2. Well you can clearly make out the "street" at least.

    I did a web search for "Tricou House" and it was located on Bourbon Street though, so good guess!



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