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You Oughta Know: Windows Optimisation

Today's software nuggets are Multimedia Programs. They're applications that let you view, play and edit photos, music, and videos.

How else are you gonna check out your photos from last night's party, watch that video you *ahem* acquired, or listen to your favourite tunes on your computer?

Multimedia Programs:
  1. Apple iTunes - I'm not a huge fan of this bloated piece of software, however, it is the best looking multimedia jukebox around, playing both music & videos. Also, the "Genius Mixes" and "DJ" options are very good ways to listen to you music, without having to create your own custom mixes.
  2. Audacity - good audio editor, and thus perfect for creating your own ringtones (among other uses). My mind boggles at the fact that people who actually purchase ring-tones are legally allowed to procreate...
  3. FastStone Image Viewer - great image viewer, and you can create your own slideshows!
  4. FormatFactory - easily convert videos.
  5. JetAudio Basic - when you don't need to scour your collection with iTunes, play music with this nifty player instead. It does video pretty well, but isn't my MVP for that.
  6. Mp3tag - edit your MP3s' tags (title, track #, genre, artist, etc.).
  7. Paint.NET - need to edit some photos and don't have the money for Photoshop? Here you go.
  8. Picasa - technically not as good as FastStone at viewing images, but it has facial recognition.
  9. Screamer Radio - gain access to lots and lots of online radio stations. It can even record what you're listening to.
  10. Similarity - okay, so you've got 10 versions of the same song scattered across your hard-drive. Prune them using this simple program.
  11. VLC Media Player - my MVP video player. It plays EVERYTHING. For a bonus it'll also play your music files as well.
And there you have it folks. Next week will be a short and sweet episode on CDs and DVDs.

PS: Checkout cnet's for more great programs (all verified free of viruses/malware).


  1. Here's another good video converter, that has a simple interface: Freemake Video Converter (


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