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Throwback Tuesday

Now today's soca throwback isn't actually a soca song at all. It's "Break Ups 2 Make Ups" by Method Man, featuring D'Angelo.

Now, I know you're wondering how this could possibly be related to soca, and I have a good reason...

You see I never used to be a soca-fanatic before I got back from college (as previously mentioned here), and it was a particular lady who got me to my first Jamaica Carnival Mas Camp, introduced me to Square One (Faluma!!) and became my girlfriend for a few weeks. I was hooked on soca ever since.

Now you could say we did not part ways amicably (and you'd be right), which is why I had dedicated this song to her afterward -- and thus making it forever linked to her, and my introduction to sweet, sweet soca music. - QBF

PS: Yeah I was JUST a bit bitter at the time, but I did try to apologize about a year later... ;-)


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